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At Ecsazza®, we believe that developing high-quality websites and software requires both creativity and discipline in complementary measure. Ecsazza can help you formulate your requirements and design, construct your website or software product, and perform the verification and validation necessary to ensure that your website or software meets your needs. Read on to learn more about our website/software consulting and development services.

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Software from Scratch

Sometimes there is no software out there that really does what you need, and you just have to create it yourself. At Ecsazza, we know how to help you define exactly what you need and transform that into working software that you can rely on. Using our process of software-from-scratch, we can take your concept and deliver it into your hands a fully-formed software system. This is our most frequently utilized software development service, providing you with custom-tailored software solutions that do what you need them to do.


Software Checkup

Sometimes the custom software you're using or are planning to use can raise your suspicions. You might wonder "Does it really do what I need?" "Will it crash a lot?" "Will it lose data?" "Will it corrupt data?" We at Ecsazza know how to give your software a checkup to determine its reliability, its performance, its maintainability, and many other quality attributes. This software consulting service is paramount if you fear that it is growing outdated or know that coming changes may cause issues with your current software.


Software Rescue

Sometimes custom software just doesn't go the way we planned or hoped. It becomes outdated, unmaintainable, and sometimes it just isn't built right in the first place. Our process of software rescue can analyze your software, recommend improvements, and then make the needed changes to transform your software from a problem to a solution.


Software Expansion

Sometimes your custom software does what it does well, but just doesn't do enough. Maybe it needs to do more tasks. Maybe it needs to serve more people, or handle more data. At Ecsazza, we know that software often needs to grow to keep being useful. Using our process of software expansion, we know how to take your system that works and make it do even more -- without losing what you already have or throwing it away and starting over from scratch.


Software Renovation

Sometimes your software works fairly well, but its technology is outdated. Maybe it runs on platforms that are no longer supported. Maybe it's written in a language that few programmers know anymore. At Ecsazza, we understand that software has to stay up-to-date to work at its best. We can assess your software and implement renovations that will refresh your software and make it perform at its top capacity.

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