What's a Task?

Updated: Jun 22

What a silly question? Who doesn't know what a task is?

Man entering task into software platform on tablet

Well, in a Workflow Management System (WfMS) like Effecs®, a task can have a bit more specificity. Tasks represent the actual work performed in a workflow. Tasks are different than, say, when you decide to re-organize your desk or your files. That's work that you do whenever you can get to it. It doesn't have any other work that kicked it off or upon which it was dependent. No one assigned it to you except you. You probably did it because you found a little free time and you had always been meaning to get to it. A task isn't just work, it's a piece of work that fits into a process, a workflow, along with other tasks that achieve a larger goal often performed by other people. Tasks get assigned to you because that larger process has made it to the place where it needs your contribution. Tasks and the workflows that aggregate them usually imply a well-defined process that has been engineered and tested. So, you see, tasks are a little bit different than just ordinary work.

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