What is a Condition?

Updated: Jun 22

Image of conditions necessary to enter bumper car ride

In regular life, a condition is something that must be true (or false) in order for something else to happen. In our last post, we discussed branches, which allow workflows to run multiple paths at once. But workflows can also run different paths depending upon whether one or more conditions are met (or not). For example, imagine you have a workflow where you are contacting donors for an event. You might follow different branches depending on whether the donor prefers to be contacted by phone or by email. In this particular case the donor's preferred contact method would be the condition and the tasks for contacting them by phone or by email would be on branches off of that condition.

Robust workflows of any complexity can be created just by combining tasks, branches, and conditions in creative way. Effecs® by Ecsazza is a powerful workflow tool that provides all these capabilities. If you believe your business, practice, or organization could benefit from a bit more order and control, Effecs could be the solution for you.

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