Software Rescue

Sometimes software can go off the rails - or maybe it never made it onto the tracks at all...

If this sounds like your situation, you might need a software rescue. When you find that your software is

  • too unstable (crashes all the time)

  • too fragile (every time you try to modify it, you wind up breaking it)

  • too complex (even experienced developers can't make heads or tails of it)

  • too expensive (adding features or fixing bugs takes a lot of time, i.e., money)

you need to stop fixing bugs and adding new features. You need to take a break and catch your breath. You need to focus on refurbishing, refactoring, and reviving your software so that it is stable, high-quality, does what it was intended to do, and is ready to do even more. At Ecsazza® we can help you with our Software Rescue service. Check it out here:

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