Delegation via Workflow

Updated: Jun 22

In order to gain efficiencies on your team, delegation is a key tactic. However, if your team doesn't know how to execute a specific task, you can't really delegate it to them. Andy Petranek in his article "6 Ways to Save Your Team From Crashing and Burning" encourages the use of designing workflows when you delegate tasks to your team mates.

A workflow is not only a way for people to work together to achieve a common goal, it is also a way for a single person to divide a task up into subtasks that have some kind of dependency on each other. If, when you need to delegate, you construct a workflow template that lays out exactly which steps someone should use to accomplish a task, you have given your team member all they need for you to delegate the task to them.

Consider using a workflow tool like Ecsazza's tool Effecs® to help you delegate your way to success!

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