Manage Your Workflow with Effecs

Effecs is a cloud-based set of web pages and web services that allows you to integrate workflow into your software systems. When you use Effecs, you don't need to include any workflow logic in your code. Just create workflow templates and then kick off new workflows as you need them. 

With Effecs, you can create and modify workflow templates of any size, using parallel paths, loops, conditions, and path mergers. You can kick off workflows from these templates and modify them even while they are running. 

You can assign tasks on a conscripted or volunteer basis and to multiple people simultaneously. You can link tasks to any resource reachable by a URI so that the assignees can complete the substance of the task.

You can make tasks conditional on data that you store along with your workflow as it executes.

The security and integrity of your data is preserved by sending all web service messages via SSL and signed with X.509 certificates.

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