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Non-profits face a difficult balancing act between competing priorities and limited staff and budget.  Changing government regulation and tax reforms can have a significant impact on non-profit performance.  For example, tax reductions can reduce the likelihood of donors contributing to your cause.  Second, and related, is the challenge of fundraising.  Every year, more and more non-profits compete for the same donor dollars.  Therefore it is important to remain top of mind with your donors and consistently revisit your value proposition – “why should they contribute?” – to make sure your message is relevant. 

Source: Non-Profit Tech News, “5 Top Challenges Faced by Non-Profits in 2019”.

Two other challenges faced by non-profits are inadequate resources (budget) and staffing/recruitment.  The strength of a non-profits depends on dedicated, motivated, and skilled employees.  Non-profits must compete with for-profit companies for highly skilled personnel – and 9 times out of 10, at a lower compensation level.  Therefore, finding employees and volunteers who are dedicated to the non-profit mission and keeping them satisfied becomes critical.

Last but certainly not least is member recruitment and retention.  Similar to fundraising, it is harder and harder to recruit members and keep them, given the competition from other non-profits – and the added challenge of volatility in the economic climate.  It is a lot easier to keep members during a boom, but during tougher times, non-profits can lose valuable member support. 

With so many competing priorities and limited budgets and staff, how do non-profits survive?   That is why Effecs for Non-Profits was created.  It is a cloud-based workflow management tool to help non-profits manage their organizations and provide consistency and communication of workflows and processes.  It has an easy drag-and-drop functionality and can interface with any internal system or website.  It can also set up alerts and track status of “Fundraising” and “Member Retention” initiatives. 

Would you like to set up a demo to see how Effecs could help your non-profit organization?  Right now we are offering the software FREE for non-profits who join our beta test.  Just click here and send us a quick note with your contact information!

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