Effecs Workflow for Medical Practices

The number of active doctors in the United States has increased dramatically over the past 10 years.  Currently there are almost a million active doctors in the U.S. – and it is estimated that there is currently a deficit of physicians of nearly 22,000.  That number is expected to grow 6-fold by 2030 meaning that medical practices – no matter the size will be at full capacity. 


In 2018, over 40% of medical practices had between 1-5 physicians – a number that has been decreasing in favor of larger hospitals and medical groups. 

However, smaller medical practices still face the same challenges of running an office efficiently and juggling administrative burdens.  Unlike providers employed by hospitals or health systems, physicians in medical practices may take on multiple hats. With limited staff, providers may have to oversee everything from patient access to medical billing, and claims management. Small medical practices also may not have access to the capital or technological resources available to larger healthcare organizations.

A workflow management solution like Effecs, built specifically for small medical practices, could help alleviate some of the burden being placed on physicians and staff.  The cloud-based tool is designed – with easy drag and drop functionality – to help physicians create workflows like “Patient Onboarding” and “Patient Billing” that can assign tasks and interface with office systems like Outlook and any claims management system.  Plus, it offers a quick and easy dashboard to see at-a-glace status of specific tasks.

Would you like to set up a demo to see how Effecs could help your practice?  Right now we are offering the software FOR FREE for medical practices to join our beta test.  Just click here to send us a quick note with your contact information!

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