Effecs Workflow for Law Firms

According to Thomson Reuters’ “State of Small Law Firms in the United States – 2019 Report”,  the top six challenges that small law firms face are:

  1. Acquiring new client business

  2. Spending too much time on administrative tasks

  3. Increasing complexity of technology

  4. Cost control and expense growth

  5. Lack of internal efficiency

  6. Rate pressure / clients demanding more for less

According to the same report, only 40% of a small firm lawyer’s job is spent actually practicing law.  When asked about which activities take up the most of their time, lawyers grouped their activities into four buckets:  attracting and retaining clients, practicing law (60% of the total time), running their firm, and managing finances. 

Clearly, small law practices are under a lot of pressure given the multitude of activities they must perform on a daily basis.  That is where a cloud-based workflow management tool like Effecs can help.  It was designed with a multi-tasking, budget-conscious business user in mind, and has simple drag and drop functionality as well as dashboards and alerts.  In minutes, you can create workflows like “Client Billing”, “Account Set-Up”, “Delivering a Proposal”  and “Asking for Referrals”.  The tool can assign responsibilities and interact with all of your internal systems.

Would you like to set up a demo to see how Effecs could help your practice?  Right now we are offering the software FOR FREE to law firms at our basic level.  Click below to register today!

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