What is Effecs  ?


Cloud-Based Workflow Software

Effecs is a digital workflow management (DWM) tool that helps businesses easily create and manage workflow across their organizations -- HR, Finance, Marketing, IT -- to ensure communication, consistency, and compliance. This cloud-based workflow software provides clients with a cost-effective solution to removing various impediments from their workflow processes and clearly delineating workflow tasks and steps to the appropriate members of your organization.

Why Effecs?

Did you know that workflow automation tools like Effecs can help solve inefficiencies that negatively affect customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, profit margins, and employee retention? As the figure below illustrates, customers see communication, consistency, and compliance as the top three challenges to be solved by DWM tools. Effecs boasts an easy-to-use interface that makes the creation of new workflows and the assigning of tasks a simple and intuitive matter. Every member of your organization will know that they’re on the right page as tasks can be clearly outlined for each individual in your organization. 

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Inefficiences to be sold by DWM tools